Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Guardian Angel

I lost my sweet mother in law yesterday. She will be so missed. She was always kind and doing everything for everyone she was the most selfless person I will ever know. We are deeply saddened for the loss, but we are so grateful for how much we can strengthen our testimonies. We should rejoice to send our loved ones to be with their sweet heavenly father. The greatest gift is the lasting gift of eternal families. We will see you again someday sweet mother. May you remain in our hearts and our prayers. Our children will still know both of their grandmas. We love you. May we learn from how loved you are and strive to touch half as many hearts as you did.

This is dedicated to the memory of Kim Cheshire, wonderful wife, mother, and friend.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nothing really

Its been quite the week...SO glad tomorrow is Friday. The baby is treating me very all my energy but I have not been bowing to porcelain god. We have just been busy with work and the crazy life around home. I know I'm not the most exciting blogger sorry family. As soon as more happens I will expound more. Love you all.