Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Crazy Week

Our busiest week of the year has started! Christmas was great! JJ got spoiled of course as did mom and dad :) We blessed JJ last night it was amazing. I am so grateful for this wonderful gospel and my eternal family! Tomorrow is Matt and I's one year anniversary, I can't believe everything that has happened in just one year! So in honor of the year ending we will do a year in review. We moved to Murray from Springville on March 1st. Got our puppy that week, and just a few weeks later found out we were expecting! We lost sweet Kim in April and we miss her so much! Having JJ with us we can really feel how close we really are to lost loved ones! Then months of contractions and not so fun pregnancy complications. We finally welcomed JJ to the world November 18! He was 6lbs 14oz and 21" long!
He has already grown so much! We had to find a new home for our dog, he thought it was ok to eat everything including baby socks and shoes! This Wednesday is my 22nd birthday! Matt and I will be spending the night at a hotel in Orem for New Years/Anniversary this Friday. I can't believe this year is ending when it feels like it just began. We are so excited for the new year and new milestones in our lives!

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  1. you have accomplished a bunch this year! but I'm most happy that you made me a grandma! I love you guys and I'm very proud of you lissa you are a wonderful wife and mother and I know you will always have a home filled with love!