Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I've decided that I totally and completely HATE computers!!!! They never obey my commands or do what I want them to! Ha ha I thought revamping my layout would make me want to blog....WRONG! Now I find myself being totally negative.....Frustration is not my favorite feeling lately. Its so hard to have a fussy baby who demands constant changes of entertainment and a computer that won't cooperate. I love being a stay at home mom but sometimes I think it would be lots easier to go to work for the day. Constant teething, puking, and screaming....maybe eight hours of everyday work would be a nice break. Although I would miss the countless smiles giggles and all the new things he is doing everyday. I take relief in the fact that this is not an easy job for anyone. We all have struggles and infinite love gets us through everyday. I can tell I'm just spilling every thought and feeling...maybe this can be therapy. Sorry to those who decide to read this because I am not writing for anyone but myself! Call me selfish...

Since I last wrote on here we have moved to Holladay. JJ is almost crawling, he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks it reminds us of a chameleon. I can't believe he is five months old! We are headed to Moab this weekend a much needed break for all of us I'm sure! No jeep this year but its still my favorite place to getaway to, and no last minute struggle to make sure the jeep is ready to go.

So for now I will get off the computer and finish my day getting puked on and remaining in my jammies with my hair a mess and no make up on.

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  1. I agree! Sometimes i think going to work would be such a much needed break... but then it kills me to think i would miss out on so much of her day and things she is learning. It's a hard job but im so grateful we get to do it!