Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moab 2011

Had a great Easter weekend in Moab with my family. JJ and Matt both seemed to love it :) Wheeling will be in the blood forever! We drove down Friday night. Saturday we did Hell Roaring Rim. JJ was so cute and happy. We hid easter eggs for all the kids on the trail. I stepped on a cactus OUCH! Easter Sunday we went out and did the Mashed Potato. I used to be very ballsy when it came to hard core wheeling but having a baby really turns you into a wuss. He kept giggling in his sleep on the trail. Poor Matt got super beat up with his bum shoulder.


Matt had shoulder repair surgery yesterday. He does not do very well with anesthesia and was very sick. So glad grandma had JJ till tonight. Matt is doing better today. The first week will be rough.

So for now life goes on.....

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